Chapter 7

Eliminating consumer and unsecured debt (credit cards, medical bills, personal loans) while keeping your car and home.

Some advantages to filing Chapter 7 with Hedtke Law Firm include:

  • Help analyzing your debt
  • Determining your property exemptions
  • Assuring your eligibility for Chapter 7
  • Reaffirming your secured debts
  • Assistance filing all the necessary Chapter 7 forms

Chapter 7 is a liquidation bankruptcy that wipes out most of your general unsecured debts such as credit cards and medical bills without the need to pay back balances through a repayment plan. To qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy you must meet income requirements called a “means test.” If you make too much money you will have to file under Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

When you file for Chapter 7 an “automatic stay” is issued by the court that immediately stops most creditors from pursuing collection efforts. A bankruptcy trustee is appointed to administer your case. In addition to reviewing your bankruptcy papers and supporting documents the Chapter 7 trustee’s job is to sell your nonexempt property (property that you can’t protect with a bankruptcy exemption – we claim exemptions for you on the bankruptcy petition) to pay back your creditors. If you don’t have any nonexempt assets your creditors receive nothing. The vast majority of Chapter 7 filings are what they call “no asset” or “no distribution” cases.

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