Estate Planning Attorney In Pomona

Avoid Probate and Make an Estate Plan

At Hedtke Law Firm, we are passionate about helping people. We feel strongly about the importance of creating a plan for your estate. We know the distress that family members can experience after the death of a loved one who failed to prepare a plan for their assets and property.

We don’t want anyone to have to experience that kind of conflict or pain. That’s why we find this area of our law practice to be extremely critical to the people we serve.

You probably want to have a say as to what happens to your assets after your death. For people with assets and property (such as your home) totaling more than $150,000, establishing a trust can help you avoid the time and costs associated with probate (the court process in which the state determines what will happen to your estate).

Our firm can administer trusts throughout California and Arizona. Generally, courts are not involved, but the assets of the decedent need to be distributed to the trust’s beneficiaries. This process can be relatively quick and easy and it may involve the transfer of real estate, appraisals, working with the trustee’s CPA, and communication with beneficiaries.

Estate planning should also include a power of attorney. If you become incapacitated, you can decide who should manage your affairs, such as your finances. Also imperative is an advance health care directive. This ensures your wishes are communicated to a doctor should you be in a situation where you are not able to communicate your wishes yourself.

From large estates, to small estates where a will is more appropriate, our lawyers are easy to talk to about your wants and needs.

The Time to Do Estate Planning is Now

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