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chapter 7

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy serves as the most powerful debt control tool available to ordinary citizens. Filing a Chapter 7 immediately stops collection, garnishment and foreclosure actions and prevents creditors from contacting debtors or attempting to collect on any debts owed. While you should not look to file bankruptcy unless absolutely necessary, Chapter 7 can provide you with a fresh start to your financial life. You can literally walk away from credit card bills, medical expenses, repossession deficiencies, old apartment leases and personal loans. You can use Chapter 7 to cancel lease contracts, and to surrender upside down cars or homes.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy exists because Congress recognizes that honest, hardworking people sometimes get into serious financial trouble. Despite what an aggressive bill collector may tell you, Chapter 7 is legal, it is ethical, and it functions as a powerful financial tool that you can use.

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