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How Does Bankruptcy Impact A Trust I Created?

Years ago, you created an estate plan that included a trust. Now, financial difficulties aggravated by the pandemic have left you in a position where bankruptcy is your best way to move forward. You know that your assets are subject to examination and possibly seizure (if you file Chapter 7), but what about the property […]

DIY Debt Relief Tips

There are options for people who have debt that seem impossible. Sadly, some people and organizations offer debt relief options solely intended to take advantage of you. Does this apply to every debt relief option? Absolutely not. But proceeding cautiously and slowly with anyone who offers a means to alleviate your debt burden can pay […]

What Bankruptcy Cannot Do

A lot gets discussed around the consequences of bankruptcy—how to rebuild your credit and what your financial future could be like after filing. It is equally important to discuss what bankruptcy cannot do and the debt issues that it won’t resolve. Before deciding if the cost and repercussions of bankruptcy are something you are willing […]

How To Use Debt Relief Options

Americans take on debt. If you are in debt and want to get out from under it, know that you aren’t alone. But are you in a position where you should consider bankruptcy? Though an attorney will be your best source for answering your questions, there are some general guidelines.  Debt may be beyond your […]

Personal Loans After Bankruptcy

After bankruptcy, two things hold you back from getting the personal loan you may need: Your credit score and the type of bankruptcy you filed for.  Chapter 7 – Stays on your credit report for 10 years Chapter 13 – Stays on your credit report for 7 years It is crucial to note that being […]

How A Fresh Start Happens After Personal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can offer you a fresh start. This is not an exaggeration. A significant amount of the advice out there talks about this very idea. Then they will explain how the process works and how to start. But what happens after you have successfully filed for personal bankruptcy?  When you can start over financially, it […]

Know What Liquidation and Reorganization Means For Your Business

We need to change the way we look at bankruptcy. Some people imagine it to be a signal that it’s the end of your business. After declaring bankruptcy, everything gets taken out of your office, and the doors close permanently.  Shift perspective. Maybe it could be a way to move forward. And it certainly doesn’t […]

Does Bankruptcy Impact My Social Security?

Chapter 11 is likely the term you most commonly associate with bankruptcy. However, Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code is meant for corporations or businesses. It allows the business to restructure with a plan to repay its creditors. If you are wondering if declaring bankruptcy can impact your Social Security benefits, the chapters that will […]

How can a probate attorney in Rancho Cucamonga help you?

Probate attorney in  Rancho Cucamonga is an individual that executes lawful cycle on which the last obligations of the perished individual are settled and the legitimate property title is passed officially to her or his beneficiaries or recipients. Probate measure is started inside the legitimate home of the decedents at death. The perished individual picked […]

Merits and risks involved in a pre foreclosure property

Would you like to purchase a house at a less expensive rate? Numerous individuals search for various approaches to purchase a property underneath its reasonable worth. That is the reason abandonment properties are in incredible interest these days. Do you think about pre-dispossession properties and advantages related with putting resources into such properties? Unquestionably, it […]