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A New Consideration For Estate Planning

A considerable amount of our lives are becoming digital. How often do you pay with cash at the grocery store? Do you have online accounts? Who has access to these accounts? These are all questions that should be discussed and answered when you include your digital assets in an estate plan.  Do I Even Have […]

How to find the estate planning attorney in Moreno Valley ca?

Scarcely any things are more imperative to the achievement of your bequest plan than the lawyer you decide to plan and draft it. Nearly as significant is the relationship that is shaped between that lawyer and other expert counsellors who serve you in the territories of monetary exhortation and bookkeeping. Estate planning attorney Moreno Valley […]

Bankruptcy and Your Credit Score

No matter how dire their financial situation has become, too many people put off filing bankruptcy until the last possible minute. Debt collectors are calling and creditors are threatening lawsuits, but they resist until a wage garnishment or bank account freeze forces them to call a bankruptcy lawyer. The reason for holding off? They’re worried […]

Four Steps to Take if You Want to Avoid Bankruptcy

Although “bankruptcy” is a scary word to many people, it is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed about. This is a legally valid tool for those in a great amount of debt to get out of dire financial straits and realize a better, brighter future. That said, it is a significant step that will […]

A Brief Overview of the Common Chapters of Bankruptcy

Nobody wants to consider filing bankruptcy, but contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the end of the world. When you’re having debt problems and facing a repossession or foreclosure, it can actually be good for you. Bankruptcy stops all collection actions, such as wage garnishments, lawsuits, and harassment by third-party debt collectors. It can get […]

How a Divorce Can Impact Your Bankruptcy

If you’ve filed for bankruptcy, it’s not unlikely that tensions are running high at home. Relationship issues often come hand in hand with financial issues, and money trouble can really pull at any of the pre-existing little cracks in your marriage. Money is not only one of the biggest things couples argue about — it’s […]

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Have you recently pulled your credit report, only to discover inaccuracies? Have debt collectors been calling you about accounts you’ve already paid or debts that were discharged in an earlier bankruptcy? If so, you have the right to request that these errors and omissions be corrected. There are different types of consumer credit reporting agencies. […]

10 Ways You Can Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

If you’ve filed bankruptcy, you may feel as though your financial future will be in shambles forever, but that’s not the case. Filing bankruptcy is a way to get a fresh start, and it can be especially helpful if medical bills or other unexpected expenses were an albatross preventing you from living your best life. […]

Considering Bankruptcy? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions First

If you’re finding it difficult to meet your monthly bills and your debt looks daunting, it may be tempting to consider filing bankruptcy. However, there are some things to consider before taking that big financial step. Is bankruptcy right for you? 1. Is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 the best option? If you have assets […]

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Explained

Chapter 13 is a different approach to bankruptcy, because those who file create a repayment plan based on their income. Rather than erasing their debt, they restructure it to fit their existing financial needs. There are many benefits to filing Chapter 13 because it allows those who choose this avenue to keep their property. It […]