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Estate Planning Challenges and Strategies for Blended Families

In today’s society, blended families have become increasingly common. These families, formed through multiple spouses and children from different relationships, present unique challenges in estate planning. The need to address various family dynamics and ensure equitable treatment of all parties involved adds a lot more nuance to the estate planning process. For blended families, the […]

Why California Probate Gets a Bad Name

Probate is an essential step in the estate planning process, one that most estates in California inevitably encounter. Every will must pass through the California probate process, and this also applies to trusts that are not fully or properly funded. Despite its necessity, probate often has a negative reputation, prompting many to arrange their estates […]

What Should You Do When You Receive a Call About a Debt That’s Not Yours?

Americans are dealing with enough debt right now as bankruptcy filings continue growing even post-pandemic. The overwhelming weight of debt is a challenge to anyone, and this problem is exacerbated in situations where a debt that doesn’t even belong to you is claimed. The problem in this scenario is many people don’t know what to […]

Vacating a Property Amicably is a Two-Way Street for California Landlords and Tenants

At Hedtke Law Group, we understand the delicate balance in the relationship between landlords and tenants in California. We represent both sides of this equation because we believe everyone has the right to have a safe place to live while people also have the right to earn a living on the properties they own. California […]

Overwhelmed With Debt But Don’t Want to File for Bankruptcy? Let Us Negotiate With Your Creditors

Are mounting debts causing you sleepless nights? The prospect of bankruptcy can be intimidating, but there’s a lifeline you might not have considered – negotiating with your creditors. We want to help people understand why bankruptcy isn’t the end of your financial future, but we also understand why people seek alternatives. For many, bankruptcy is […]

What Factors Into a California Child Custody Case?

Debating child custody is often one of the most adversarial aspects of any California divorce or separation case. In most cases, both sides want custody of their child or, at the very least, a favorable visitation schedule. Time with your child becomes more precious when you’re forced by the courts to split time with your […]

Considering Filing for Bankruptcy in Retirement? Read This First

Bankruptcy can take a lot out of a person. Finances on the fritz and all the noise about how “bad” bankruptcy is does nothing to help. The panic can be a lot for anyone to handle, but this is especially true for anyone in retirement trying to make sure they have enough to get by […]

Estate Planning is About More Than Just Providing for Heirs and Beneficiaries

In a world with easy access to obscene levels of information, estate planning often suffers from common misconceptions. Most information online about estate planning will guide you to secure your assets for what you leave behind when you’re gone, but estate planning is about more than your loved ones – it’s about you, too. An […]

How Multiple Bankruptcy Filings Impact Your Long-Term Financial Health

Filing for bankruptcy takes serious time and consideration. While we are often helping our clients fight the stigma of bankruptcy, we still understand the finality of such a decision and the short and long-term financial consequences. For some, bankruptcy is not a one-off decision. Bad decisions, bad luck, and just bad circumstances can often put […]

Why You Should Use an IRA Trust

So much of our lives are spent planning for retirement. We build up wealth and assets in order to live a comfortable life in retirement. IRAs are popular retirement planning accounts that we advocate for and that many Americans use to build up enough to retire. Ideally, when you plan for retirement you plan to […]